Nils musical signature is part of the international Music scene since 2 decades. The German producer & composer Nils Karsten put his talent under proof with remixes for famous acts like Scooter, Cascada, Chicane, Future Breeze, Kyau vs Albert, Marky Mark, Pulsedriver, Klubbheads, a.m.m. and produced commercials, chart acts and artists like Marky Mark (Mark Wahlberg), APOLLO, D.O.N.S., MEGARA VS DJ LEE oder DISCO NATION.

His musical education covers over 12 years of classical piano, awards and first grad prices of „Jugend musiziert“ at the federal level. Nils versatility as a musician and producer is underpinned by another 7 years trumpet practice at the Hamburg State Opera, and several years of playing drums. This background enabled Nils to be active in parallel as a keyboard and trumpet player in many bands, last one in different philharmonic orchestras as well. This way he got more and more into pop music. At the age of 16 Nils first began to produce his own songs in the studio, follow by recording of the first CD with the former band „The Spank“, which inspired him to build his own studio and to be even more active as a songwriter. His combined know-how related to the industry, hard- & software and producer landscape made Nils a valuable resource for  numerous companies in the audio and music industry.

After initial projects, Nils produced various commercials for Smiley´s, restaurants or Magazines of the “Jahreszeitenverlag”. Major accomplishments were Nils Compositions and productions of over 50 songs for fashion videos of the women’s magazine Petra featuring fashion shows from Milan, Paris and New York of world-renowned designers such as Joop, Versace, D & G, Prada and many others. In addition Nils lend his trumpet sound to various films and television commercials for Nivea, Dr. Oetker and Cinemaxx. Last spot was on the ADC awarded with the “golden nail” in the late 90´s. Up to now, Nils wrote or co-wrote more than 150 songs.

Based on his passion for trance and techno, Nils drove since 2000 numerous projects such as MEGARA VS DJ LEE, APOLLO, CHEMISTRY, DJ LEE and VAN DER KARSTEN together with Michael-Lee Bock aka DJ LEE. With their first common production, the Vocal trance Hymn „Dance“, both landed a massive club hit. Climbing the Media Control official Sales charts, their track also in England, Italy, Japan or Spain has been an integral part of the Dj sets.

Their first MEGARA VS DJ LEE single „The Megara“ brought the two Hamburger DJs and producers lots of recognition in the international trance scene, and their tracks have been featured by Sean Tyas, Johann Gielen, Judge Jules, BBC. Signed quickly by Warner Publishing, Megara vs DJ Lee has been signed by EMI and their second single „Full intention “ convinced by chart entries in the top five in the DJ top 40, DDC and ODC. No wonder the single a few weeks later, the move into the Media Control Dance charts as well. According to their fans they climb the innovation ladder further and appeared 2009 with „Best of“ Platinum and defined another milestone. With so many publications it is no wonder even countries such as in Japan, Australia, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and the Netherlands got addicted to the MEGARA Sound.

Through extraordinary attention to quality, throbbing beats and unmistakable sound Nils managed to secure his own place for over 10 years in the highly competitive dance segment. Also highly regarded as remixers, their sound regularly offers new accents and delivered splendid remixes for artists like Beam vs. Cyrus, Cascada, Darude, DeeDee, DJ Shog, Fragma, Pulsedriver, Special D, Starsplash, Dumonde vs. Lange, Klubbingman, Kyau vs. Albert, Marc et Claude u.v.m

As a DJ Nils has come alone or as MEGARA VS DJ LEE worldwide not only to Japan, but played at events such as Defcon1, Dance Planet, the Technics DJ Set or Future Trance Tour.

Graduated 2002 with diploma at the State university, Nils is continuously passionate and actively working in the Music industry.